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Finally good to be back with old TE players here on Atlanthea. Thank you to the staff of Atlanthea for hosting the TE maps.

I am a 19 year old who likes Minecraft (though I don't want to get premium), and I also enjoy playing on TE. TE is my favorite server, it is more like a second family than just a regular server to me. I am a relatively good builder, an excellent miner, a merchant (though it would only work if shops weren't always stocked full to the brim so I can still sell stuff to them!!!), and most of all, an avid explorer. I like to explore around the wilderness in the build worlds every once in a while. (Hint: to know if I had explored in an area, look for a sign with the words "Explored By: SovietBuilder [date of exploration]") My favorite building styles are medieval, Greco/Roman, and Chinese architecture styles.

I have been playing Minecraft since 2014, but I only started playing on TE officially since June 2017. I would have started earlier, if only I didn't get kicked from the login lobby every time. I tried joining TE in 2014 and 2015 a few times, but gave up every time. I was lucky in June 2017 as I didn't get kicked immediately upon getting to the login lobby. From there, I started to build myself a presence and a reputation here on TE! Enjoying this server very much! Hoping to earn VIP rank, currently at 2.7 mil! Already VIP3 5! Yay!

My TE Info:
B1: IceLegends

Founded by Herocrafts, once a great leader and faction leader. He built much of what the faction has currently. We owe our faction's existence to him. May he forever rest in peace. (RIP Herocrafts ???-2017) We now have a small quartz palace! (Architect: Me!)
B2: TownFolks
Founded by my ingame friend Tanex, a nice VIP player, and together with him we built a medieval styled faction in B2. (Tanex stop changin' da name of this place so often! I can't keep up with changin' da name on my page!!)
B3: Aquamarine
Kingdoy invited me into the faction, and I enjoy using the guardian farm and the zombie farm, I am also thankful that Kingdoy invited me. Currently helping to construct the darkroom.
B4: BrosOfTheStars (Temporarily staying at TE7thBirthday to help out with the Birthday Event)
An old faction that I co-founded with Kickpick, who is no longer active. We founded the faction on an old ruined city with a grand pigman farm. I also do most of my Haste II mining here in B4.

Ahh... ignore the top part... that was old...
B4: Memorial
A place to remember lost souls. -The Memorial
Now with a Mazepa1288 statue underground that looks like its going to say "Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru" !
Where I am most likely to be found on TE: Mineworld
My favorite world:Mineworld
Least favorite world: PvP world, because I am terrible at PvP!
June 1
Vancouver, BC, Canada


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