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AtlantheaMC 2.4 Update.

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AtlantheaMC 2.4
Update Patch Notes :-

-Fixed bug where player can stack over 90000 items in one slot of the inventory.
-Removed cake as food item due malfunctioning in food system that we reworked on.
- Fixed Bug Where Player can use pickaxes to destroy nearby Faction bases.
- Fixed Lag Caused by /f home command!
- Fixed Data Loss which was not Probably saved (ps: using mbot.delete() xD)
- Fixed Bug In portal which make players can grab items.
- Fixed Book + SIGN ban
- Fixed Exploit in TNT which causing them to explode if they had 4 levers.
- Fixed Creepers damaging players.
- Fixed mbot massive bans due to bug in the Ban system.
- Fixed Scoreboard null-error at Faction section.
- Fixed code malfunction in TeamExtreme Spawn.
- Fixed Exploit which allow whole faction ownership transferred without a WARNING by a Player/Member.
- Fixed exploit where Player can place TNT and destroy whole base (same as...

Forums Update

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Forums has a new Account making method. Now you can use your Discord account to sign up!!
Click the sign up and as you can see there is a option of discord. click discord and there you have it my brudda.
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