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Info Why can't i join the server?

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Hello, This is me iiNovaZ.
The server is in heavy maintenance right now, That's why the server is offline. We are working to make sure you guys have the best available experience on the Network. We will release kitpvp along with some T.E bug fixes and BedWars (Beta) sooner or later.

I hope you all understand,

Kind regards,
Owner of AtlantheaMC.

AtlantheaMC 2.4 Update.

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AtlantheaMC 2.4
Update Patch Notes :-

-Fixed bug where player can stack over 90000 items in one slot of the inventory.
-Removed cake as food item due malfunctioning in food system that we reworked on.
- Fixed Bug Where Player can use pickaxes to destroy nearby Faction bases.
- Fixed Lag Caused by /f home command!
- Fixed Data Loss which was not Probably saved (ps: using mbot.delete() xD)
- Fixed Bug In portal which make players can grab items.
- Fixed Book + SIGN ban
- Fixed Exploit in TNT which causing them to explode if they had 4 levers.
- Fixed Creepers damaging players.
- Fixed mbot massive bans due to bug in the Ban system.
- Fixed Scoreboard null-error at Faction section.
- Fixed code malfunction in TeamExtreme Spawn.
- Fixed Exploit which allow whole faction ownership transferred without a WARNING by a Player/Member.
- Fixed exploit where Player can place TNT and destroy whole base (same as...

Forums Update

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Forums has a new Account making method. Now you can use your Discord account to sign up!!
Click the sign up and as you can see there is a option of discord. click discord and there you have it my brudda.
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